Prolonged prothrombin time as an early prognostic indicator of severe acute respiratory distress syndrome in patients with COVID-19 related pneumonia

D. Baranovskii, I. Klabukov, O. Krasilnikova, D. Nikogosov, N. Polekhina, D. Baranovskaia, L. Laberko,

Background: Clinical observations demonstrated that COVID-19 related pneumonia is often accompanied by hematological and coagulation abnormalities including lymphopenia, thrombocytopenia, and prolonged prothrombin time. The evaluation of laboratory findings including coagulation and inflammation parameters may represent a promising approach for early determination of COVID-19 severity. Methods and Materials: In the present study, we aimed to identify laboratory parameters present upon admission in patients with COVID-19 related viral pneumonia and associated with an early in-hospital development of refractory respiratory failure or severe acute respiratory distress syndrome requiring treatment in an intensive care unit. We investigated differences in the C-reactive protein (CRP) and fibrinogen levels, prothrombin time (PT) and international normalized ratio (INR) between COVID-19 patients who had been transferred to an ICU within two weeks after admission (n = 82) and COVID-19 patients with stable course of the disease (n = 74). Results: Multiple comparisons showed statistically significantly prolonged PT on admission in ICU-transferred COVID-19 patients (14.15 sec, median, CI 95% 13.4 ÷ 14.9) compared to the stable COVID-19 patients (13.25 sec, median, CI 95% 12.9 ÷ 13.6) (p-value =.0005). CRP levels upon admission were statistically significantly higher in ICU-transferred COVID-19 patients (132 mg/L, median, CI95% 113 ÷ 159) compared to the stable COVID-19 patients (51 mg/L, median, CI95% 33 ÷ 72) (p-value


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  • D. Baranovskii
    Advanced Cell Technologies Department, Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • I. Klabukov
    Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland
  • O. Krasilnikova
    Department of regenerative technologies and biofabrication, National Medical Research Radiological Center, Obninsk, Russian Federation
  • D. Nikogosov
    RnD Department, Atlas Biomed Group Limited, London, United Kingdom
  • N. Polekhina
    Internal Medicine Department, 24th Moscow City State Hospital, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • D. Baranovskaia
  • L. Laberko
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  • Current Medical Research and Opinion
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  • C reactive protein; adult; aged; complication; female; hospitalization; human; intensive care unit; international normalized ratio; male; middle aged; prognosis; prothrombin time; respiratory distress syndrome; respiratory failure; retrospective study; very elderly; young adult; Adult; Aged; Aged, 80 and over; C-Reactive Protein; COVID-19; Female; Hospitalization; Humans; Intensive Care Units; International Normalized Ratio; Male; Middle Aged; Prognosis; Prothrombin Time; Respiratory Distress Syndrome; Respiratory Insufficiency; Retrospective Studies; SARS-CoV-2; Young Adult
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